Hello World!

Yes, I know. Cheesy title to a first ever blog post. Though, if you think about it, I am speaking (typing) to anyone and everyone around the world right now. Some of you might not even speak English and yet here you are!

Realistically there aren’t any of “you’s” yet but I hope that there will be because my ego and self-worth is based on how much attention I receive and how many likes I can get on any form of social media. (Let’s be honest, that is how the world works now).

So, anyway, let’s get down to the boring “detes” as the kids say (the kids never said it but as an adult I must try to be hip and exciting). My name is Kirsten and I’m from that little island in the middle of the atlas called England.

Now what will this blog about I hear you ask? (I don’t, but I’m gonna answer it anyway). I’ve always wanted to write reviews; mostly about video games but ranging to films and TV shows because you always need someone shoving their opinions down your throat and I’m going to add to that list. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find me entertaining enough to keep reading. I’m going to start with video game reviews and get to the others and the more personal posts as this blog gets older.

I think that’s all the introductions out of the way. I hope whoever is reading this will keep with me and enjoy. Who knows what I will review first? The answer is me I do. So…

Hello World!

4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Hello Kirsten, I’m from England. I used to live there I mean. I reside in the USA now. I’m a writer and an Animal Crossing Addict according to our partner. I will be watching this blog. I love what I see. come check out our blogs.


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